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"We sell high-end luxury cars: BMW, Mercedes Benz, Infiniti, etc. My customers demand the best, that's why I refer them to Foley's Collision Center."

- Car Lux of Westboro


"Customer satisfaction is our goal for service and quality. That's why I recommend Foley's Collision Center."

- D. Massad, Diamond Group


"I had an accident with my John Deer Excavator; the rock won! I thought I was going to have to buy a new door. After finding out is was $1400.00, I brought it to Foley's Collision Center. The door is perfect, like new! I hight recommend Foley's Collision Center."

- Jon Yancik, Building Consultant, Senior Estimator,
Quality Contracting, Inc.

I heard good things about Foley's Collision Center so I decided to give them a shot when my car paint and finish was destroyed by tree sap. I thought I was going to have to pay for the repair, but Chris explained to me that my comprehensive insurance actually covers it. I saw some of the other cars they were finishing and everything looked good so I handed over my keys. I'm happy to say that Foley’s took care of me from day one. They gave me a rental car right on the lot and I was on my way with no problems. It was great because I just handed them the keys to my car, and then they handed me a set of keys to their rental car. After a few weeks I got the call from Foley's that my car was done. I was excited and drove over to the shop to pickup my car. I was expecting a good job, but when I got there I was blown away. I could not believe how good my car looked! I bought the car used a few years ago and it NEVER looked this good! My car looked brand new. I was even more impressed when I got inside the car. They had completely detailed the inside making it shine like new as well. I drove off the lot feeling like I was driving a brand new car. It was awesome. Between their excellent work and friendly service you really can’t go wrong with Foley’s Collision Center.”

- Joshua
  Very Satisfied Customer

Chris and Everyone at Foley’s Collision,

Another great job!  I would like to thank you for the nice work you did on my Ford Freestar Van.  You always do that little extra.  My kids noticed the window button on the front passenger door was fixed.  You treat us like we’re special customers, as I’m sure you do everyone.  I recommend your shop to everyone I know.

Hopefully, I won’t be back so soon!

-Mary N.

"Just a quick note of Thanks and Gratitude to Foley’s entire staff that made our 2006 Kia Sedona look as good as new.
Getting your Foley’s rental quickly to my wife’s place of work and for us to have a care free transition was wonderful.
We will gladly recommend Foley’s to friends and co-workers."

-Bryon and Marie S.

Dear Chris,

It was so good of you to save me from a situation I didn’t understand, and the trouble I might have gotten into.
God bless your compassionate and gentle heart.  What a delightful difference one single life makes….yours.

I remain ever so grateful,
Elaine F.