Estimates - Our appraisers have over 30 years of experience. Our extensive knowledge of the repair process allows us to handle your collision from start to finish.

Free Pick-up & Delivery - After a collision the only step necessary is to call us. Our service team will have your vehicle picked up and if needed we will deliver a loaner car to your home or office.

On-Site Rental Cars - One stop service, for your convenience we can accommodate you by providing substitute transportation right here at our location. Understanding the needs of all individuals we don't place age or credit restrictions on your ability to rent from us.

Towing - Just call! - Whether from the accident scene or from any location your vehicle will be promptly brought to our facility allowing us to expedite the repair process. Just call 1-888-Foleys1.

Claims Reporting - Our administration team will help facilitate the claims process, we will be happy to assist you in filing your claim with all the necessary steps.


You have the legal right to go to the repair shop of your choice. Your insurance company cannot require you to go to a particular shop. "Steering is the act of directing a claimant to or away from any specific repair shop or requiring that repairs be made by a specific repair shop or individual."
Steering is illegal in Massachusetts.


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